Dr. Stephen Kleinberg

"Houston and the Future for American Asians," featuring Dr. Stephen Klineberg's area survey with a focus on Asian data. For the past 30 years, Rice sociology professor Stephen Klineberg has been documenting the challenges and illuminating the remarkable transformation of Houston from an Anglo-dominated oil-boom Southern town into a multi-ethnic global city. Dr. Klineberg's work is supported by Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research that conducts scientific research, sponsors educational programs, and engages in public outreach that advances understanding of pressing urban issues and fosters the development of more humane and sustainable cities.


 Raymond Chong

 THE JOURNEY Gim Suey Chong - The life story of Gim Suey Chong (Zhang Bao Shen), a paper son, his journey from Kaiping (Hoyping) to Gold Mountain (Gum Saan). A proud legacy of the Zhang (Jeong) Clan in two worlds, China and America. A saga in discovery of the Chinese American experience thru six generations, from the Gold Rush to Today.

Raymond Chong, a fifth-generation Chinese American, was born in Chinatown in downtown Los Angeles. After graduating with a bachelor's from the University of Southern California and earning a master's degree at San Jose University, Raymond worked for municipal governments and consulting firms. He is a professional engineer, professional traffic operations engineer, and professional transportation planner. He is department manager in charge for traffic engineering and transportation planning for Edminster, Hinshaw, Russ and Associates of Houston.


Pradeep Anad

 The Asian Pacific American Heritage Association’s “Distinguished Speaker Series” will present Pradeep Ananda on Thursday, Jan. 26. Ananda will be discussing his book, An Indian in Cowboy Country, which tells the story of an Indian engineer discovering his personal and professional potential in the heart of Texas.


Julia Lee

The Asian Pacific American Heritage Association presents the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association (APAHA) Distinguished Speaker Series Featuring Madeline Y. Hsu, Ph.D. Topic:  The Origins of Chop Suey: Chinese American Entrepreneurship at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.  Friday, November 12, 2010, 6:30 - 9:30 pm.  Location:  Mezban Restaurant, 6655 Harwin Dr # 108, Houston, TX 77036-2281, (713) 952-0606.

Madeline Y. Hsu 

Madeline Y. Hsu (Yale PhD 1996) was born in Columbia, Missouri and grew up in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Arkansas. She is the author of the award-winning “Dreaming of Gold, Dreaming of Home: Transnationalism and Migration between the United States and South China 1882-1943” (Stanford 2000), co-editor with Sucheng Chan of “Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture” (Temple 2008), and editor of “Chinese American Transnational Politics” (Illinois 2010). Her current research concerns Chinese intellectual migration during the cold war and the liberalization of American immigration laws. Madeline Y. Hsu, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Director of Center for Asian American Studies at University of Texas at Austin and has received the following awards and honors:

Association for Asian American Studies History Book Award, 2002
HNN Leading Young Historian, 2007
RAISE Awareness Award, Asian/Asian American Faculty Staff Association, UT Austin, 2009




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