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Artist Royal Sumikat

Artist feature program

APAHA’s new Artist Feature Program will showcase the work of local Asian American and Pacific Islander artists through the organization’s network and social media channels. In addition to featuring AAPI artists, the program will highlight and activate other activities that involve artistic projects, people, and organizations.

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(Houston, Texas) May 12, 2021 - (body)

My art name is Royal.

I currently reside in Houston, but I am a native of the Philippines. I am a dynamic human so it may look like I’m contradicting myself but trust that it’s all real and littered with good intentions.

I draw, I paint, and I think about a lot of things including but not limited to magic, alternate realities, and self-sovereignty. Life excites me. Traveling outside of my city excites me. Feeling one with all of creation excites me.

Artist Statement
People recognize my work because of the neon indigenous-futuristic style prevalent in my pieces.

From my point of view, the media pushes an extremely bleak portrayal of the future, especially for People of Color. My work portrays a different narrative. In the Royal Universe – technology, gadgets, and electronics are utilized to advance the art, spirituality, and infrastructure of a thriving futuristic culture. Everyone gets theirs.

As I dig deeper to water my roots – I am feeling a shift in my art. I am learning more about creation stories, deities of the ancient Philippine pantheon, and symbolism. Storytelling was incredibly important to my ancestors and with this work I hope to carry on that tradition in my art.

Source: Filipinx Artists of Houston

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