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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Updated: May 30, 2021

Recognizing Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Today marks the first day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, an exciting time for our community to proudly recognize the vital and extraordinary contributions and influence of our Asian American Pacific Islander community through celebration.

Although we have some exciting things planned to promote Houston's robust AAPI community, the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association (APAHA) would first like to stand in sorrow and support with our Asian-American communities following the recent rise in instances of bias, violence, and hate towards Asian and Asian-American individuals.

In the past year, there have been over 3,800 incidents of hate-related attacks against Asians, with women being targeted more than twice as likely as men.

Unfortunately, the United States has a long history of anti-Asian hate - from the Chinese massacre of 1871 in Los Angeles, the bombing of Stockton's Filipino Federation Building in 1930, the Japanese internment camps during the second world war, to the 1981 killing of Chinese-American Vincent Chin.

APAHA expresses its solidarity with people of Asian descent during this time of tragedy and calls upon everyone to do their utmost to be vigilant in stopping attacks towards Asians and Asian-Americans in our community.

This month, APAHA will continue to celebrate the significant contributions made by Asian American and Pacific Islanders in hopes to strengthen the rich cultural fabric of our diverse city and nation.

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