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In Memory of Mariam Issa

The Asian Pacific American Heritage Association mourns the loss Mariam Issa, a well-

known and beloved philanthropist and former President of APAHA’s Board of Directors in 1999.

Mariam began her philanthropic work decades ago in her homeland of Pakistan. She

founded the Pakistani-American Volunteers Association to promote the rich culture and

heritage of Pakistan and aid those in need. PAVA has supported the March of Dimes,

Rehab Mission to feed the homeless, the Houston International Festival, the Asian Arts

Festival and assisted in the settlement of Bosnian families.

Mariam was deeply involved in the community and in addition to her involvement in

APAHA, she served as president of the South Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and the

board of the Asia Society, the Mayoral Advisory Board for International Affairs and

Development-Asia and Asian American Voters Coalition. She also served on the

boards of Express Theatre, the Blaffer Gallery at the University of Houston, Asian

American Coalition, Pakistani Association of Greater Houston, Ancestral Films Festival

and Asia World Expo.

APAHA salutes the memory of an exceptional woman, known for her compassion and

generosity. APAHA accepts memorial donations, please mail us a check to P.O. Box 1408 Bellaire TX 77402 and note Mariam in the memo. Thank you.

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